Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Post from Africa

This will be my last update from Kenya, as I fly away from Africa in a few hours from now.

After we left Sombo, near Garissa, we left on a nine hour, over night bus ride to Kapingurria which is in the north- west. It was a dramatic change in climate from the desert town of Garissa. There are huge, blue mountains in the distance and everything is green.

Kapingurria Bible Centre, where we were staying, was luxurious compared to all our short-term homes. There are red-brick houses, running water, electricity (most of the time), and even a small kitchen for our use. The compound was built by Icelanders and Norwegians, which explains where the money came from. We got to know an Icelandic couple while we were there named Fanni and Fjolner.

While in Kapingurria we visited the local churches, taught at bible studies and pastor's conferences, and recieved a lecture on the Pokot tribe. We got to know many of the street kids in Makitano, playing fottball with them, teaching them, praying with them, and helping those of them who are in school with their homework. . One day in town we ran into 10 or 15 of the boys and offered to all get chai, mandazi, and chipoti together. We got a few odd looks from the restaurant owner, but we are used to this by now.

We visited two local schools, teaching on honosty and the armor of God. The class I taught was extremely shy, but I think we did well, and it was alot of fun. I find it easy to teach children as compared to adults because they are much more openand have not had so much religion stuffed down their throats.

On sunday we visted a brand new church for the Pokot people, which is hours from any civilisation, on the border of kenya and Uganda. Later we also visited even more remote villages, showing the "Jesus" movie and visiting a couple of new churches. We were greeted by a large crowd of Pokot people, all wearing their traditional dress of huge bead necklaces and brightly colored clothing. they sang and danced along side, behind, and in front of our Land cruiser, escorting us into the church. After a lunch of Goat stew with ugali, they performed three traditional pokot dances for us. their music is very raw and beautiful, and their instruments are their feet, whistles, bells tied to their ankles, and skin drums.

We also visted the local hospital, praying for all the sick people, and the local prison, sharing a teaching, testimonies, and praying for people.

We have just gotten back from our debriefing in Mombasa. it was an incredibly relaxing time by the Sea. We stayed at the Mombasa YWAM base for a week before returning to Nairobi. We will be finishing our debreifing in iceland, and I will be back in the States on the 1st.

Thank you so much , again, for all your prayers.

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